Reviews about Bentolit

  • Verena
    With age has gained some weight. Suffered with them for a long time. And then just over a month, dropped! Thanks to those who invented Bentolit. Appetite is markedly reduced, gone heaviness in the stomach. This is the first tool that gave real weight loss of 13 lbs! First, the weight went very slowly, and then almost 1 kg a day.
  • Julia
    Honestly — lost for a loved one. He is young and slim, and all my life was full. Easily thrown off Bentolit more than 10 pounds, and then joined the gym. Bentolit— great product. Still drink occasionally, when you miss a workout or eat a lot on holidays.
  • Barbara
    Great product. The clay I found on the Internet. It has long been using the clay externally and internally and finally found the clay of the desired quality. No smell, mold, lumps etc Excellent sorbent"
  • Verena
    It's only been one course a month saw clay Bentolit. Passed allergies, headaches gone in the morning, fresher skin. Easily gave up Smoking (no traction). Clay is not worse than the pills we eats by the handful, and it is all natural. Try, don't worry, all health!
  • Anna
    Use Bentolit quite a long time with short breaks. Stronger hair and nails, skin cleaner, but most importantly - have passed all the pain in the knee joints. To clean the intestines. Always a lot of strength and energy. So I FOR clay by far.
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