Experience in the use of Bentolit

As used beverage Bentolit Yulia from Kiev

Clay Bentolit

Hi! I share my opinion on clay. This is a real edible clay, without impurities and harmful components. In volcanic clay Bentolit many benefits and, of course, clay is not the one sold in drugstores, respectively, and the composition and effect, and the price is markedly different.

Hair is shiny, my skin began to look younger, there was a feeling of lightness. The effect of the sensitive clay at 100%. The manuals detail how to use the drink and when to drink and use. I highly recommend to try.

Experience in the use of drink for weight loss with clay from Olga from Minsk

Hi all. I want to talk about clay for weight loss Bentolit. For a long time looking for clay, suitable for use inside. Faced with the fact that this clay is not for sale. And in pharmacies and health food stores sellers do round eyes, supposedly this does not happen in principle.

The result of weight loss from clay Bentolit

Clay for ingestion - it is a godsend. Found it accidentally on the official website. It is very clean, without foreign smell (it is present in a pharmaceutical clays). It really is possible to drink. For use inside I take 2 teaspoons of clay in a glass of water, leave for 10 minutes, mix and drink.

Instant drink for weight loss with bentonite clay a little more expensive than usual drugstore clay, but it's worth it!

Separately, I note the clay, I drank because I was craving (those who have salivating from the word Mel will understand me). But I like clay and I saw it with great pleasure. In General, it tends to cleanse the bowel and rid the body of toxins.

Pleasant use!