How to lose weight quickly at home. 13 ways easy and lose weight fast

You want to easily and quickly lose weight at home and get into your favorite dress? Our article will help You. We collected 13 of the most effective ways to fast weight loss. It should be noted that these methods of weight loss not recommended to use regularly, but emergency they will fit perfectly.

Rapid weight loss

To lose weight quickly – first appointment

More traffic! In order to lose weight fast one power of thought will not be enough, you need more exercise. Need to deal at least 6 times a week. You can go to the gym, fitness, aerobics, and you can do at home. If You do, the better workout split into 2 sessions (morning and evening). During exercise actively burns calories, and You gradually will lose body fat.

To lose weight quickly – the second reception

Reduce the daily consumption of sweets. Candy, jam, fruit, cereal and fruits are all sources of carbohydrates.But carbohydrates can be sweet – they need to fear is like fire. Sugar triggers a powerful surge of the hormone insulin. This hormone plays a major role in the deposition of body fat. The more insulin, the fatter You become. Therefore, to lose weight fast, it is better to give preference to oatmeal and rice. Dangerous for weight loss is and milk.

Though it is not sweet but contains a large number of lactose. Should be discontinued and fresh juices of sweet fruits.

To lose weight fast – the third method

Rapidly reduce fat intake.

Specialists in the healthy diet is recommended to reduce the percentage of fat and 25 grams per day. Daily body's need for fat is slightly more and so long to sit on such a diet is not recommended. 2-3 weeks of this diet diet will not bring harm to Your body.

From the menu you should cut out all animal fats, meat dishes, sausages, egg yolks, butter, nuts, cakes, pies and other products which contain fats in excess. To maintain the overall condition of the body you can buy in a drugstore fish oil and take it in the morning.

To lose weight quickly - fourth

Increase the amount of water.

Increasing the amount of water in the body is a big stress for him. The more water You drink, the more stress hormones produced. These hormones and fats. So water is an essential element of weight loss. The day should drink about 2 liters of pure and still water. To drink more does not follow, as it is a great burden for the body. In the water you can add lemon juice. This will saturate the body with vitamin C and speed up the digestive process.

To lose weight quickly – receive the fifth

Change the calorie content of your diet.

To lose weight quickly at home you can use the changing calorie diet. For this You need a table of calorie foods and a calculator. To eat in this period it is necessary by the method of "zigzag". Three days in a row, you should consume 1500 calories (divided into 4 meals). Then raise the caloric level up to 1900 calories but just for one day. Then again back to the 1500 for another 3 days. If You feel the lethargy and lack of energy, hungry days can be reduced to 3.

Reducing the amount of salt intake

To lose weight fast – the sixth reception

Consume less salt.

To lose weight fast at home will help reduce the amount of salt in the body. Reducing sodium can reduce the amount of water in the body, allowing you to get rid of extra pounds and inches. A large amount of salt contained in a variety of sauces, mayonnaise, mustard and various gas stations. Excluded from the diet, you need all the products that contains salt in large quantities. Do not salt food at all. Rejection of salt will allow You to get rid of 4 kilos a week.

To lose weight quickly – the seventh reception

Exclude processed foods.

Here we are talking about perfectly ordinary foods, such as pasta. This list also includes juices, compotes, canned foods and chips. All this refined food is useless. In these products a lot of various additives that inhibit the active weight loss. You should use only natural products.

To lose weight fast – the eighth reception

As less as possible carbohydrates.

In order to lose weight quickly at home You need to drastically reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates. This, as well as limiting salt will reduce the amount of fluid in the body, and thus to reduce the dimensions. You should not follow this diet for large amount of time, otherwise You risk to hurt yourself.

To lose weight fast – the ninth reception

More protein.

Protein-feed Your muscles. In order they are not damaged during Your diet, bring protein intake to 1.6 grams per kilogram of Your weight. Our usual meat dishes contain too much fat, therefore, you will go to protein powder. A few times a week you can eat boiled fish.

To lose weight fast – the tenth receiving

Food additives.

During the diet the body sorely lacking different kinds of vitamins and minerals. So you should buy Multimineral and multivitamin complex. You can also buy. Fast effect weight loss have a variety of diuretics. But involved in this is not worth it, better to use diuretics plant-based.

To lose weight quickly – receive the eleventh

Water Sassi

To lose weight quickly will help fresh juices. These juices are better to do citrus fruit or unsweetened fruit. To lose weight quickly will help Apple and tomato juice. The apples in this case should be unsweetened.

How to lose weight quickly – receive the twelfth

You have increased the volume of the water you drink. Now is the time to ensure removal of this water. In order to excess water quickly left the body, drink green tea. It could be just green tea or tea with lemon or ginger. In addition to removing excess water green tea will help to improve the condition of your skin. If you don't like green tea, you can buy diuretic teas in a drugstore.

To lose weight quickly – receive the thirteenth

Water Sassi is a beautiful and tasty drink for quick weight loss. Water Sassi helps make your stomach more flat. In addition, You will accelerate your metabolism and displays the excess water from the body. For its preparation you need: 2 liters of clean drinking water, one teaspoon of grated ginger, one cucumber, one lemon, and mint. All the ingredients necessary to fill with water and put the jug in the fridge overnight. The next day I have to drink the whole jug.

All of the above methods of weight loss will help You to lose weight quickly 10 pounds. But do not forget that the weight that went away quickly can also quickly return. To quickly remove a couple of inches from the hips and abdomen will help a variety of wraps, massages and contrast showers.