How to lose weight independently

Currently, a growing number of overweight people. To stay slim and beautiful I want not only women but also men. Yeah sorry, not everyone has the time and opportunity to do other, fitness facilities, massage rooms. Therefore, to the fore the question of how to lose weight at home. There are many methods of losing weight available for independent use.

the principles of weight loss

The basic principles of weight loss

Before solving the problem of how to lose weight at home, you should determine the causes of the phenomenon of the appearance of excess weight. Yes, they include:

  • An improper diet. A "sin" such habits like grabbing stress, quick meals, long-lasting and harmful diet, no Breakfast and a heavy supper in front of the TV, the predominant presence in the diet of high-calorie foods and fast foods, overeating, and many others that provoke weight gain.
  • The metabolic, intestinal problems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, caused by various factors.
  • Age. With age it becomes increasingly difficult to reset the crowbar, as the metabolism naturally slows down.
  • Insufficient sleep and a sedentary lifestyle, these factors also affect the calorie intake.

Many are beginning to solve the problem of excess weight with a diet for weight loss at home. It should be remembered about some of the nuances that contribute to the effective reduction and maintenance of normal weight. In order to get a positive result hell any diet, you should reduce the volume supplied to the body energy. At least, the amount of energy the body spends on maintaining life processes, should be more. Then go to the expense of body fat. Normal weight loss is no more than 800-1000 g per week. Large indicators should alert losing weight, as weight reduction of more than 1.2 kg for 7 Zen may lead to metabolic disorder and accumulation in the body of toxins. It also leads to a decrease in muscle tone, the result is a toned and slim people will get loose skin and muscles.

how to lose weight

Rapid weight loss says about loss of body water, not fat. Many women complain that almost nothing to eat, but the weight stands still. The answer to this question is simple, they do not observe the basic principles of effective weight loss, which are as follows:

  • Reduced calorie should be gradual. Strict diets become unnecessary stress to the body, and he is trying to take the energy from muscle mass, strictly guarding a strategic reserve in the form of fat. It is important to prevent this;
  • The fractional and frequent meals. Should eat at least 5-6 times a day, small portions that will allow to constantly maintain the proper level of energy for the body. Smaller meals prevent the occurrence of strong hunger, prevents overeating, reduce the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The diet should contain mostly low-calorie hedgehog, which is composed of natural plant foods – vegetables, cereals, herbs. Should choose foods rich in fiber, low-glycemic index (less than 60%).
  • Drink plenty of fluids, as its deficiency slows down the process of weight loss. This can cause metabolic disorders and failure of water-salt balance;
  • A hedgehog that comes in the first half of the day, is fully used by the body for energy. After lunch a large portion of it is converted to fat. Therefore, it is recommended to use high-calorie hedgehog exactly dinner;
  • The correct use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the human body per day should do 40 percent carbs, mostly complex, 30-35 percent of protein is required, whereas half normal – proteins of plant origin, and 10-20 percent fats. Reduce the rate of fats is not recommended as it can lead the restructuring of metabolism. You need to choose primarily vegetable fats.
diet for weight loss

Diet for weight loss at home

The main advantage of strict diets, which is so loved by women is rapid weight loss in the short term. Hello this phenomenon is the main problem. This result negatively affects the health because most cases do not leave hateful pounds fat, water and muscle mass. With the shortage of protein, the body spends energy muscle, liver. And reduction of muscle mass, in turn, impedes the effective weight loss because the body loses the ability to burn excess fat. They are best converted to energy during physical activity.

When losing weight at home is to make a diet so that in the day per kilogram of mass of the whole received not less than 2 g of protein. For this we need to count calories and watch how the whole mass while reducing total caloric intake. Only this approach will allow you to preserve muscle mass and burn body fat precisely. When you start to lose muscle, calories need to increase.

Poor diets popular mono-diet, like kefir, buckwheat, Apple and others, do not allow the body to obtain sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, it is not recommended to maintain more often than once a year. The duration should be no more than two weeks.

How to lose weight

Effective weight loss contribute to diet, moderate physical activity. This phenomenon is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, you can use other means to obtain faster results. For example, the wrap weight loss at home or massages.

how to lose weight

Constant and regular execution of the simplest exercises for weight loss at home will solve the problem of excess weight most effectively. They will help to strengthen the muscles, whole, to make it more resilient and fit. Additionally, physical activity prevents the emergence of the phenomenon of sagging skin. Enough for 30-40 minutes a day can give complex, which consists of the following available classes:

  • Squats. You can start with 30-40 times without weighting. Gradually introduce approaches 10-15 times with the weighting. These simple steps allow you to solve the problem of how to lose weight in lashkah at home;
  • Classes in hula-hoops. Great app remove fat on the abdomen and flanks to maintain muscle tone back and press. It is sufficient to rotate the Hoop every 15-20 minutes;
  • The jumping rope. The active training improves the heart and blood vessels, promote weight loss. You need to start s minutes. If the physical form is weak, it is better to do 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes, gradually bringing low Yes 8-10 minutes;
  • The leg swings in lying position on his side. These exercises will help to remove the excess fat on belly, thighs and buttocks to enhance the buttocks. One approach is no less than 20 swings in slow mode. Then the situation changed on the other side.

Any exercise starts with a light warm-up. Classes are best done daily. Good result showed aerobics for weight loss at home, it can be done on video.

The exercises in the morning (warm-up)


The exercise phenomena is a nice way to Wake up and cheer up before the working day. But with regular practice you will notice a positive result not only on the shape but also on health.

Exercise for weight loss at home consists of two parts – warm-up and main complex. Workout includes exercises for warming up muscles: bending, head rotation, torso, hips, swings arms and jumps. It takes less than 5 minutes. Then you can move on and occupation of the main complex.

Each exercise is performed at least 8 times.

  • Bending forward, trying to put your palms on the floor.
  • Leg swings to sides, back and forth.
  • The bench press from a prone position on the floor.
  • Bending forward from a sitting position, with your fingertips to try to get and feet.
  • Squats.
  • Push-UPS. Start exercise can be a hell of a wall or chair.
  • The bridge.

These exercises help come in the form, provided that you perform them regularly. Don't forget to perform the warm-up before training and stretching after. So you can avoid muscle strain.

the bridge

To Supplement the load can jumping rope. To see the correctness of charging for weight loss at home video.

Proper nutrition

To lose weight do not do without establishing a healthy diet. There are many diet recipes for weight loss at home, but hours enough to adhere to simple recommendations of dieticians to achieve the desired result. Of course, special restrictive diets allow you to reset a lever at high speed, but far not always possible to keep the result, there is a risk of harm to their health. In addition, not all have the ability to constantly monitor the calories, calculate the amount of carbohydrates, to adhere to a strict schedule.

It becomes optional if you make the necessary adjustments to supply. Without dieting, you can lose and 5 pounds in a month, if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Proper nutrition for weight loss at home requires a snack, it provides an improvement in metabolism that leads to weight loss. You can use low-calorie cereal bar, yogurt or apples;
  • Diet should be sure to plan better to do it for a week or even a month. This will allow you to competently prepare the menu, purchase the necessary products in advance and reduce the temptation to buy or phenomenon there is something extra;
  • There must be at least 5-6 times a day at a certain hour. While high-calorie meals and sweets to better plan and consumption in the first half of the day, at night leave a light and low-calorie meals;
  • It should be remembered that any harmful products can always be replaced by useful and no less delicious. Fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet could replace confectionery, flour and sweet, the hell these dishes should be abandoned;
  • To maintain body and muscle tone, the diet must be present protein hedgehog. In the menu it is necessary to consider that a person requires at least 1 g of protein per 1 kg of weight of the whole. Primarily of protein foods should be dinner.

The habit of eating right will give you the opportunity in the next hour to see the results: lightness, vitality, well-functioning digestive tract. Even the mood will improve. Proper nutrition allows easy and harmless to lose weight.

Cleansing the body

proper nutrition

Body cleansing is a key step in effective weight loss. This procedure allows to establish the metabolism and rid the body of poisons and toxins that accumulate in the intestines and lead intoxication. Cleansing the body for weight loss at home is best done by products. The best way would be the inclusion in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, bread with cereals, legumes, flax oil and seeds, berries and mushrooms.

You can use simple but effective recipe for cleansing:

  • Effectively cleanses the intestines and helps to solve the problem with constipation following composition: equal amounts mixed dried apricots, raisins and prunes, add the crushed leaves of Senna (50 g) and liquid natural honey. You can skip the dried fruit into a meat grinder. This mixture should preferably be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, rather than 1 tablespoon per reception;
  • Great app to clean the intestines – cellulose, which is rich in otrub'. Zn. Their inclusion in the diet can accelerate the onset of satiety and cleanse the bowel. This action is provided by adsorbing properties of bran. Per day is enough 30-50 g, they can be mixed with any meal, add in kefir and yogurt.

Healthy habits for weight loss

healthy habits

More traffic! It can be any sports, morning exercises. Very useful walking in the air, climbs the stairs. Hours enough to refuse to travel by car or public transport, and work at least a couple of stops to walk. Not up to your floor by Elevator and walk the stairs.

Reduction of fats and carbohydrates. Hell should drop the sweets and fatty foods. The rate of consumption of body fat per day is not more than 25 g. From the diet should be excluded fatty meats, sausages and semi-finished products, cakes and pastries, and to prefer lean meats and fish.

To lose weight at home simple. Healthy eating in combination with physical activity will allow you to quickly obtain the appropriate result, and further to maintain a slim and trim figure.