Drinking diet

Type of diet - low calorie.

Weight loss - 7-15 kg.

Registration period - 30 days.

Drinking Diet Recipe

One of the main problems of the modern person is being overweight. According to the statistics, each person, on average, at least 2-3 times in his life, went on a diet. Recently, the diet has become especially widespread. The fotodiet website. ru advises to pay special attention to it, as it not only allows you to lose weight, but also cleanses the body of toxins and toxins well.

At the heart of the diet (as the name suggests) is the use of liquid foods only. Your daily diet should be tea, coffee, juices, dairy and fermented dairy products, broths, liquid soups and, of course, water - that is, everything you can drink. A sufficient amount of food can be consumed per day, however, in addition, it must be remembered that it is necessary to drink at least 1. 5 liters of clean water throughout the day. Of course, as with any diet, there are some restrictions - first, of course, this is solid food. In addition, you should not add sugar (sweetener), honey, hot spices, oil to dishes. Dairy and fermented products are allowed, but their fat content must be moderate.

The duration of the diet is 30 days, a very long period, during which very significant changes will occur in your body.

Firstly, it is a deep cleansing of the body. However, you need to understand - a sudden rejection of solid foods is stress for the body. Problems with digestion are possible, in some cases lethargy and apathy appear. But it will take a few days and you will get used to extremely liquid foods.

In the first phase of the diet / 7 to 10 days / active bowel cleansing occurs. In the next stage (next 10 days), organs like the liver and kidneys are cleaned. I note that, throughout the diet, you may experience some discomfort - cleaning your body will not be easy and painless. Drinking a diet allows you to thoroughly cleanse the entire body - down to the cellular level. The harmful substances and scum accumulated over years are literally "washed" from the body.

The main thing is to do the right diet. Eat soups and vegetable puree broths, plenty of juices and tea. In this case, in no case should you use canned juices - they contain an excessive amount of sugar. Give preference only to natural juices and jams. Don't use sugary carbonated drinks - they can only harm the body. What's more, they will not contribute to weight loss.

The duration of the diet must be at least 30 days - then the result will be noticeable. At the same time, it is extremely important to monitor your own health. For example - the chair must be daily. The weakness can only occur in the first few days of the diet - it will gradually disappear. If for some reason it is difficult for you to go on a diet for such a long period, there is the option of a drink diet, which is designed for 7 days. It differs from the main diet only in duration, all other recommendations must be strictly observed.

List of foods allowed in a drink diet:

  • broths, including meats, vegetables, chicken, but only for personal preparation, do not use cubes and bags;
  • various jams and jellies;
  • freshly squeezed juices, preferably with fruit and vegetable pulp, packaged juices are prohibited;
  • dairy products in liquid form milk, kefir, cooked fermented milk, etc. , preferably not more than 2% fat;
  • tea, coffee, fruit teas, but without sugar and sweeteners;
  • clean, non-carbonated water in an amount of at least 1, 5-2 liters per day;
  • it is not recommended to drink alcohol during the diet;
  • for stool problems, you can use vegetable broths together with vegetables, after passing everything in the blender.

It is desirable that the number of meals is at least 5 - 6 times a day.

Drink diet menu for 7 days.

Monday Milk Day: drink yogurt, fermented milk, milk, kefir, for all fat content not exceeding 2%.
Tuesday Soup Day: puree of soups, vegetables, fish and meat broths.
Wednesday Juice day: jams, fresh juices of unsweetened fruits and berries.
Thursday Sour day: berry and fruit jelly. Only fresh fruits are used.
Friday Jam Day: fruits and berries, dried fruits can also be added.
Saturday Oatmeal day: oatmeal-based jelly.
Sunday Repeat the milk day.

With a 7-day diet, you can easily lose 3 to 6 kg.

Drink diet menu for 30 days.

The daily dietary menu you have to compose yourself, depending on your taste preferences. It should not be forgotten that all products must be in liquid form. It is mandatory to take the soup puree at least once a day. The rest of the time, you can use the approved products on the list. Below is a variant of an example menu for 1 day.

  • Breakfast:a glass of low-fat yogurt, milk or kefir.
  • Second breakfast:a glass of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice.
  • Lunch:puree soup, green tea.
  • Afternoon snack:fruits and peanut or oat jelly.
  • Dinner:a glass of low-fat yogurt, milk or kefir.

One of the rules of any diet is that it is important not only to follow the correct diet, but also to be able to return correctly to the normal diet. Getting off the drink diet can be quite difficult - after all, in 30 days the body has become somewhat "lazy". Therefore, in principle, the number of solid foods in the diet should be large, otherwise serious disturbances in the functioning of the stomach and intestines can occur.

If you have been on a drink diet for 7 days, then the diet should take 14 days off, with a 30 day diet, the take off will take 1 to 2 months.

Basic rules to stop drinking:

  • Have a thin, slimy porridge for breakfast the first week;
  • in the second week you can eat for breakfast from the third week, you can add fresh vegetables or fruits for dinner;
  • from the fourth week, you can eat meat or fish dishes with salad for lunch;
  • from the fifth week, you can organize a liquid fasting day once a week, for example, on Monday, fats and sweets are excluded.

Comments and results.

Consumer dietis ​​a very effective and popular method for losing weight, which allows you to lose 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight with a 7-day diet and up to 15 kg of excess weightweight with a 30-day diet. Another equally important result is the cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins. However, you should not use the diet for more than 30 consecutive days. The lack of solid foods for a long period is dangerous for the body. Therefore, you will not be able to handle the diet until 6 months later. An important note - you should monitor your stools daily - if they are absent or if persistent diarrhea appears, the drinking diet is not suitable for you and should be stopped.


Like most diets, the drinking diet also has a number of contraindications. Therefore, before the network goes on a diet (and does any), it will be useful to be examined by a specialist. In particular, a diet is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In addition, this principle of nutrition is contraindicated in the event of a tendency to edema - that is, those who have problems with the functioning of the kidneys and heart.

If you are ready for a drink diet, there is an easy way to make it less stressful for your body. It is necessary to start gradually - that is, over several days, reduce the amount of solid foods in the diet. But, nevertheless, the countdown to the beginning of the diet should start from the day when solid foods were completely excluded from the diet.


"I went on a drink diet 2 times, and twice very, very successfully. According to my observations, I realized that the diet is more designed to cleanse the body for subsequent weight loss. independent way of losing weight, it’s very good… everyone has cleared the skin. It’s worth mentioning the results: the first time the initial weight was 88 kg (to tell you the truth, quite large), after two weeks the weightdrinking has passed 80. Fortunately there was no limit, but as I foolishly didn’t notice the way out, then 3 kg came back to me. I turned to her after a year and a half with an initial weight of about 75 kg. After 3 and half weeks on a diet, my weight was already 69 kg. The result was not as impressive as in the first call, because myweight had already started to return to normal little by little. So I did everything humanly, with the exit and activphysical age. -for the water that came to me it returned only one kilogram.

Everything would be just fine if there were no obvious contraindications. If you have kidney problems, it is best to immediately forget about this method of losing weight. The rest must remember that a drink diet can only be followed for no more than two weeks, without harming health. You can prolong the weight loss period in water at your own risk, of course, based on your body's capabilities. "