Varieties and specificities of the Japanese diet

how to lose weight with a japanese diet

Japan has long been considered a country that surprises everyone with the beauty of local women. It is not surprising that the popularity of the Japanese diet in other countries is the greatest. This is due to the fact that, in addition to porcelain skin and shiny hair, girls have a slim figure.

Although the country has a "fast" cuisine, residents are able to stay in shape. This is due to the consumption of low calorie foods and the restriction of foods rich in carbohydrates. The Japanese diet for weight loss is formulated based on the principle of reducing the caloric content of food and is considered one of the most effective in nutrition.

The specifics of the Japanese diet

The developed nutritional system is specific, with the help of it it is possible to lose weight in 8 kg. Follow the Japanese diet once every few years, taking into account all the nuances. Thanks to the use of all expert advice, you can achieve the maximum result and maintain it for a long time.

In addition to being effective, the diet has many benefits:

  1. Thanks to the nutrition system, you can completely rebuild your metabolism and keep your body slim for 3 years.
  2. The cost of the products consumed will delight those who are losing weight.
  3. For being balanced and moderate, the proposed diet does not harm the organism.
  4. Helps to detoxify the body, eliminating harmful foods.

It is important to note that in the proposed diet you will not find real Japanese products, such as soy noodles or rice, so adherence to the diet will not hinder your life.

Variations of the Japanese diet

Correct adherence to a diet means adhering to a clear menu for 13 days. It is during this time that the body is able to adjust to changes in metabolism and adapt to a new lifestyle. In addition to the traditional look, there are:

  • Japanese diet for 7 days;
  • Japanese diet for 14 days.

When choosing the first option, you need to be prepared for the fact that after a week the weight will decrease with the removal of fluids from the body, so, most likely, you will quickly return to your previous shape. The 7-day Japanese diet is recommended for those who want to lose weight just before an important event.

Maintaining a two-week schedule differs from the traditional way in the number of days. If you follow the Japanese diet for more than 2 weeks, your health and general condition can deteriorate dramatically, so it is forbidden to lose weight for more than 14 days.

Any of the options, regardless of the duration, presupposes a certain adherence to the rules. You must be prepared to:

  • significant reduction in calories;
  • increased consumption of protein foods: chicken eggs, meat, fish, dairy products;
  • reduction of carbohydrates and fatty foods;
  • constant consumption of pure water;
  • possible worsening of the condition: there may be weakness in the body, the appearance of a headache.

To be successful, you need to follow your nutrition plan. It is strictly prohibited to add "your" products, which is explained by the similarity with the recommended ones. The only exception to the rule is breakfast, which can easily be replaced by green tea.

The main challenge in the diet is to create the right mental attitude to cut calories drastically. Without willpower, you will not achieve results. In addition to psychological preparation, 2 days before starting the diet, it is recommended to prepare the body with fasting days or reducing the number of meals.

Thanks to the Japanese diet, any girl can reach the weight she needs or simply clean her body of all kinds of harmful substances. The key to success is the ability to follow the rules and the right mindset.

Features of the 13-day Japanese diet menu

In case of complete readiness, you can start studying the diet menu for 13 days. You can buy the necessary products at any supermarket. The list includes:

  1. Delicious coffee. It is best to refuse to use an instant drink.
  2. Packaging of pure green tea.
  3. 20 chicken eggs.
  4. 1 kg of lean meat and chicken fillet each
  5. 0. 5 l of oil.
  6. A head of cabbage.
  7. Several kg of carrots.
  8. 1 kg of zucchini, fruit (excluding bananas and grapes).
  9. 1 liter of tomato juice (or tomato for cooking).
  10. 2 lemons.

As an economical option, this type of food helps the body to obtain all the necessary vitamins and fibers.

On the 14th, follow the menu on the first day, just change the dinner, during which the slimming person should consume 200 g of cooked meat and a glass of kefir.

The 7-Day Japanese Diet Menu is a traditional version of the diet, but in a reduced form.

How to get out of the Japanese diet

After finishing the diet, you should not start the previous high calorie meals. Follow expert recommendations. They are among:

  1. For the first 2 days or a week, focus on eating cereals, fruit salads, steamed vegetables and small amounts of cooked meat.
  2. Do not drink alcohol.

Each person's stomach tends to shrink in size, so by dramatically increasing the amount of food, you will harm the body. An important feature is that in 2 weeks of this diet, you will get used to this lifestyle and keep the weight achieved within the normal range. However, we must not forget that the Japanese diet (13 days) is not recommended for people with chronic diseases.