Protein diet for weight loss for a week, 14 days. Protein diet menu with recipes

The protein diet has won many fans, both among athletes and among those who find it easier to follow a restricted diet than exercise. It has many advantages, for example, the fact that in a protein diet the person does not feel constant hunger, because the composition of this diet includes meat, fish and other protein foods. Weight loss as a result of this diet occurs more quickly than anyone else, due to the complete rejection of carbohydrate-rich foods, which contribute to body fat.

The essence and description of the protein diet

the essence of the protein diet for weight loss

The protein diet is a special way of eating in which only protein foods are included in the diet menu. The key is to minimize your carbohydrate intake and give your body a little stress by consuming protein-rich foods all the time. As a consequence, energy is lacking and instead of energetic material in the metabolism process, old fat reserves are used, in the first days there is weight loss due to the fluid outflow and, later - due to the fatty tissue of the muscles.

From the outside, everything is extremely simple, but when you face the process of losing weight and maintaining your own willpower in life, it becomes extremely difficult. No diet is easy, therefore, strict adherence to all rules and recommendations is extremely important if you have decided to use this diet to lose weight and expect tremendous results from it.

Benefits of a protein diet:

  1. It is considered a highly effective diet program that allows you to lose about 10 kg in just one week.
  2. Although there are significant restrictions on food intake, you will not feel hungry until the next scheduled meal (protein-rich foods take much longer to process).
  3. The diet is as varied as possible, so you will not have a catastrophic sense of inhibition and restrictions.
  4. The fat folds that have been accumulating for years will not return to you after a protein diet.
  5. Refers to the safest diets, just one important condition: strictly monitor the period of use (no more than two weeks), do not take long breaks between meals and follow all recommendations.

Disadvantages and limitations of a protein diet:

  1. Due to the constant consumption of protein-rich foods, a significant burden falls on the kidneys.
  2. Due to the imbalance in the intake of essential substances, vitamins, minerals contained in carbohydrate foods, there is a risk of deterioration of well-being and general health. The hair starts to fall, the nails break, the complexion has no shine, the person feels a slight discomfort, gets tired quickly. Therefore, after the end of the diet, it is important to ingest the vitamin complex.
  3. People with gastrointestinal problems may have problems because food is more difficult to digest without fiber.

List of foods included in the protein diet

what foods can be eaten with a protein diet

There are more than seventy foods in the protein diet, so reading this section will show how varied it is like no other diet:

  1. Lean, dietary meat. For example, from veal, cow, horse meat, chicken, you can cook chops or cutlets, soak a rabbit.
  2. Eat offal: beef liver, chicken and lamb, calf tongue, lamb, front meat.
  3. There are no restrictions on the type of fish, it can be greasy, frozen, dry or smoked, canned, crab sticks. This can be halibut, pollock, salmon, tuna, salmon fillet, trout and so on.
  4. All types of seafood with low fat content.
  5. Birds, except duck, goose. Note that you cannot eat the skin.
  6. Low-fat ham of all varieties.
  7. Chicken and quail eggs: you can fry eggs, omelet, cook any way.
  8. Dairy products in unlimited variety, but without fat. These are cottage cheese and fermented boiled milk, kefir and various types of low-fat cheese.
  9. One and a half liters of liquid for a day in the form of: tea, coffee, herbal infusion, diet drinks, water, fruit juice.
  10. Vegetable proteins - tofu, seitan.
  11. Oat bran.
  12. Drying apples, pears.
  13. Sweetener in any amount.
  14. Skimmed-milk powder.
  15. Balsamic or wine vinegar.
  16. Salty soy sauce.
  17. Adjika, tomato sauce, tomato in the juice itself.
  18. Cumin, garlic, herbs, onions.
  19. Seasonings to season dishes.
  20. Gherkins.
  21. Moderate amount of salt.
  22. Lemon and its juice on plates.
  23. Mustard, ginger, yeast.
  24. Chewing gum without sugar.
  25. Vanilla, agar, vaseline.
  26. Sugar-free lollipops.

Diet menu with basic proteins

how to lose weight with a protein diet

When composing your menu for this nutrition program, strictly follow the list of permitted dietary foods, try to choose and prepare the foods by carefully removing their fat.

The daily feeding frequency should be at least 5-6 times and no more than two hours before bedtime. Drink more still water, stop drinking alcohol.

Weekly protein diet menu (mandatory foods)

  1. Chicken fillet 150-200 grams.
  2. Thin fish 150-200 grams.
  3. Seafood in the amount of 200-300 grams.
  4. Meat / Veal - 150-200 grams.
  5. Low-fat cottage cheese 150-200 grams.
  6. Up to five egg whites.


  • Observe the hourly schedule;
  • Before two in the afternoon, eat a small amount (5 tablespoons) of boiled complex carbohydrates: buckwheat, oats, brown rice;
  • It is allowed to eat some apples without sugar, citrus fruits;
  • In the afternoon, it is recommended to use vegetables as an accompaniment: cucumber, tomato, cabbage, lettuce.

Menu for 7 days

Day one:

  • For breakfast, boil 150 grams of meat and eat with a slice of brown bread, have a cup of tea or coffee;
  • Snack: one or two apples;
  • Dine cooked meat (150 grams) with vegetable salad (200 grams);
  • Have a snack with a glass of low-calorie kefir / yogurt;
  • For dinner, boil the fish (200 grams) and eat with a vegetable salad.

Day Two:

  • Breakfast with cottage cheese (150 grams low in fat), tea, coffee;
  • Snack: a grapefruit;
  • For lunch, meat stew with vegetables (150 grams);
  • Snack from a glass of kefir with dietary bread;
  • For dinner, boil 200 grams of lean fish, eat with fresh vegetables.

Day Three:

  • Have breakfast with cooked chicken fillet (200 grams), coffee or tea;
  • Lunch with an apple;
  • Dine with baked beans with vegetable salad (200 grams each);
  • Skimmed yogurt with diet cookies for a snack;
  • For dinner, cooked meat (150 grams) with coleslaw (150 grams).

Day Four:

  • Drink a glass of dietary kefir with diet cookies for breakfast;
  • Have an apple snack;
  • For lunch, cooked chicken fillet (200 grams), washed down with apple juice;
  • Snack of one or two chicken yolks;
  • For dinner, boiled fish (200 grams), fresh vegetables (150 grams)

Day five:

  • Have breakfast with cooked turkey (150 grams), eat an apple, tea or coffee;
  • Have a snack with a glass of apple juice and diet cookies;
  • For lunch, fish cooked with a slice of bread;
  • For a snack, a glass of low percentage kefir;
  • Meat cooked with salad for dinner.

Day six:

  • For breakfast, low fat cottage cheese (150 grams), tea;
  • An orange snack;
  • Baked beans with vegetables for lunch;
  • Kefir for a snack;
  • Dine with fish and fresh vegetable salad.

Day Seven:

  • Breakfast with a glass of skim milk and diet cookies;
  • An apple snack;
  • Lunch with vegetable soup with a piece of maggi cube;
  • Snack with cottage cheese (50 grams);
  • Meat cooked with fresh salad for dinner.

Menu for 14 days

  1. Breakfast: a cup of coffee. Lunch: tomato juice, salad with cabbage and vegetable oil. Dinner: boiled or fried fish.
  2. Breakfast: a crouton with coffee. Lunch: boiled fish, vegetable salad with cabbage. Dinner: meat cooked with kefir.
  3. Breakfast: see the second day. Lunch: cooked zucchini, apple. Dinner: boil the meat and eat with two boiled eggs, coleslaw.
  4. Breakfast: coffee. Lunch: raw egg (protein), fresh carrot salad with butter, hard cheese. Dinner: kefir.
  5. Breakfast: carrot with lemon juice. Lunch: fish, a glass of tomato. Dinner: kefir.
  6. Breakfast: coffee. Lunch: salad with cabbage and carrots, boiled chicken breast. Dinner: two boiled eggs, grated carrot with butter.
  7. Breakfast: tea. Lunch: meat cooked with grapefruit. Dinner: see day six.
  8. Breakfast: tea. Lunch: cooked turkey, apple. Dinner: see the fifth day.
  9. Like the sixth day.
  10. Like the fifth day.
  11. Breakfast: coffee. Lunch: raw egg with boiled carrots, hard cheese. Dinner: kefir.
  12. Like the third day.
  13. Breakfast: coffee with cookies. Lunch: boiled fish with coleslaw. Dinner: cooked meat and kefir.
  14. Breakfast: coffee. Lunch: boiled eggs, salad with cabbage and tomatoes. Dinner: boiled or fried fish.

Menu for 4 weeks

First week (eat half a grapefruit / orange with a boiled egg):

  • Monday: lunch with fruit option, how much to eat (orange, apple, apricot, pear, melon); we had dinner with cooked meat.
  • Tuesday: Dine cooked skinless chicken; dinner with two eggs, vegetable salad; snack with kefir and toast.
  • Wednesday: lunch of hard cheese, tomato, bread; cooked turkey dinner.
  • Thursday: unlimited citrus in one form for lunch; for dinner, chicken fillet baked with bread.
  • Friday: lunch of two eggs with vegetables; dinner of boiled / fried fish with vegetable salad; snack with a citrus.
  • Saturday: lunch with a fruit; dinner with cooked veal and vegetable salad.
  • Sunday: dinner with chicken cooked with vegetables, you can eat a tomato, grapefruit; and for dinner, boil the vegetables.

Week 2 (breakfast is the same as week 1:

  • Monday: Eat cooked veal with vegetable salad at lunch; in the evening, eat some boiled eggs and grapefruit.
  • Tuesday: lunch with cooked turkey meat and vegetable salad; dinner with eggs and orange.
  • Wednesday: fish cooked with fresh cucumbers for lunch; eggs with orange for dinner.
  • Thursday: for lunch, eat eggs, low-fat hard cheese, boil vegetables; dine with two eggs.
  • Friday: grilled fish for dinner; for dinner - 2 boiled eggs.
  • Saturday: chicken breast cooked for lunch, plus tomato and grapefruit; make a fruit salad for dinner.
  • Sunday: grilled cutlet, tomato, grapefruit for lunch; for dinner - eat the same as for lunch.

The third week with a short description for the whole day:

  • Monday: Eat fruit in the morning without limiting yourself.
  • Tuesday: cooked vegetables are also offered in unlimited quantities, but without potatoes.
  • Wednesday: eat all day, alternating fruits with vegetables, make salads, eat like this, whole.
  • Thursday: lean steamed fish with boiled vegetables, add coleslaw salad.
  • Friday: cook or fry the turkey, eat with boiled vegetables.
  • Saturday, Sunday: only unlimited fruit.

Fourth week listing specific products for each day:

  • Monday: 200 grams of cooked chicken breast, the same amount of fresh cucumber, tomato, canned tuna without oil, a piece of bread, grapefruit.
  • Tuesday: fried veal (200 grams), the same amount of fresh cucumber, tomato, bread, apple or pear.
  • Wednesday: a slice of low-fat hard cheese, boiled vegetables, two cucumbers and two tomatoes, a loaf, an orange.
  • Thursday: boil 200 grams of turkey, maximum of fresh cucumber, tomato, bread, grapefruit, pear.
  • Friday: boil two eggs, eat 3 tomatoes a day, salad with vegetables, orange.
  • Saturday: cooked turkey breast, canned tuna, cooked vegetables, two cucumbers and two tomatoes, bread, apple.
  • Sunday: a portion of low-calorie cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, two glasses of kefir, grapefruit.

Other protein diet options and their sample menu

As the variety of foods in this diet program is large, there are many varieties of diet, its menu. The products are used in almost the same way, only in some places the method of use and combination is different. The two most common protein-based diets are Ducan's diet and the second according to Dr. Robert Atkins. So, see below - the protein diet menu in an approximate version for both methods.

Ducan Diet Menu

protein diet menu for weight loss

Ducan's diet is divided into menus for different days: attack phase, cruise phase, protein-vegetable day, consolidation phase and the last phase is stabilization. See an example of a Dukan Protein Diet menu for one day - attack phase:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with two proteins, skimmed milk with herbs;
  • Snack: a spoon and a half of bran oat soup;
  • For lunch: cooked veal;
  • Snack: Boil shrimp or other seafood.
  • For dinner: cooked lamb or veal.

Dr. Robert Atkins

This diet is divided into two main phases of two weeks each. In the first phase, there is a gradual adaptation of the organism to a strict diet, which is divided into two subphases, and in the second, there is a direct rejection of any sweets, flour and other prohibited foods.

Below is an example of Dr. Robert Atkins' diet menu for Phase 1:

  • For breakfast, make an egg omelet, eat salted salmon, tea;
  • For the second breakfast you can drink low-fat yogurt (cup), oats (small portion);
  • For lunch, cook cooked meat or chicken breast in the oven;
  • For the afternoon snack, choose a fish dish, possibly seafood;
  • For dinner, cook the salmon in a double boiler, low-fat kefir.

Protein diet recipes

It is possible to include almost all healthy products on the menu, which means that there will be no problems in preparing delicious dish recipes, observing a protein diet. Take any recipe you find, the main thing is that the dish is low in fat and without the use of prohibited products.

Below are some recipes for you that you can successfully apply to your weight loss diet program:

rules for preparing meals with protein diet
  • Kefir-based okroshka:cook chicken or veal and eggs. To these ingredients we add the rest of the ingredients: pickled cucumbers, herbs, fat-free kefir, mineral water, wine vinegar. We cut, mix in the correct proportion (you can adjust: thicker due to kefir, less often due to mineral water). It turns out very tasty and healthy.
  • Oven-baked fish:Take any sea fish fillet, process with seasoning (use Italian seasoning), drizzle with lemon juice and bake for literally 15-20 minutes. To prevent the fish from drying out and burning, place aluminum foil on the dish to be roasted and drizzle with water. Another option is to bake in a special baking glove.
  • Fish cakes with basil sauce:take the sea fish fillet, separated from the bones, grind in a blender / meat grinder with onion, salt, add an egg. We make small chops with the minced meat obtained, fried in a pan without oil (it is allowed to add a little water so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan). For the sauce you will need: salt, low-fat yogurt, mustard, dry spices with basil. Mix, fill with ready-made chops.
  • Fried meat and brown rice:Take a piece of meat, cut it into cubes and take it in a pan with olive oil. Transfer to a thick-bottomed pan and pour boiling water over the pieces, add the spices, salt and cook over low heat (30 minutes). Throw half a glass of rice into the resulting broth, cook until the rice is completely cooked.